Buy Clothes and Gear

You can buy t-shirts, uniforms and equipment through us. Payment and order can be made right here online.


Shirts are $32 each. Can be worn in class. CANNOT be worn at grading. Usually delivered to students in class about 1 week after ordering.


If you are joining Taekwondo for the first time your uniform is included in your registration payment. Uniforms cannot be bought separately from your registration.

You can buy a spare / replacement uniform anytime after registering. New uniforms are $60.


You can buy any equipment you see and use in your classes from us. If you order equipment, you will be purchasing the exact same items you see and use in class.

Prices vary because we get a bigger discount the more we buy. Freight is added to the price, which also varies with order size.

Regardless of what you order, you can be almost certain you’re going to pay well below any retail price you may have found. We provide the equipment service purely to give cheaper options to our members.

For any prices contact your Instructors.


If you know prices or you’re ready to buy clothes now, go to the Custom Payment page and follow instructions.