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Taekwondo: Kicking, Striking, Self Defence, Fitness and Flexibility


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Little Ninjas: ages 4 – 7
Classes run five days a week
Little ones have fun as they kick pads, punch mitts, wrestle and run around for 30 minutes. This program also gives the child a basic introduction to Taekwondo. They usually finish class exhausted, but happy! To learn more about prices, times and the free trial lesson click here.

Junior Taekwondo: ages 7 – 12
Classes run five days a week
Martial arts in Armidale all week. Martial arts teaches focus, especially for kids. Taekwondo is a set of skills centred around producing power with the body. Learning this kind of control is a rewarding experience. Self defence abilities build strength and confidence. Overall, kids who stick to this program gain friends, skills and self esteem. To learn more about prices, times and the free trial lesson click here.

Senior Taekwondo: ages 12 to adult
Classes run six days a week
Full scale Taekwondo. Learn the techniques and training methods that allow your body to generate as much force as physically possible. Get speed and accuracy. Become fit and flexible. Engage your mind. Don’t wait! To learn more about prices, times and the free trial lesson click here.

Advanced Seniors Journey: 15 and older
Full time year round
This training is for the few people genuinely interested in learning the martial way. For students who join this program, the physical training is simply a reflection of the persons attitudes and approaches to life. This is martial arts for the mind. Only 4 students in Armidale have completed this program to date. Advanced kicking and sparring schools run as part of advanced training. Not for the feint hearted. Inquire for info.

The PCYC is a fully equipped training centre. There are two permanently matted floors, boxing bags, and space to hold up to 50 students in a single class. Other martial arts schools at the PCYC include BJJ, Aikido, Muay Thai and more.


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